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Tillandsia Jackie Loinaz

Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’ (concolor x capitata ‘Rubra’)

Grown mainly for its striking red or maroon leaves Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’ adds a splash of contrasting color to any collection. Young plants are initially green and slowly grow redder with age.

Quick Guide

Bright indirect light (grows indoors)
Soak once a week
Feed once every 2-4 weeks
Height 18″ (45.7 cm)
Width 24″ (60.9 cm)
Vibrant purple or blue flowers
Hybrid by Luis Ariza Julia.

How To Care For Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’

A cultivar of concolor x capitata ‘Rubra’, Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’ has stiff foliage that turns maroon in color as the plant matures. The color also intensifies and deepens under stronger light.

Much like Tillandsia Capitata “Rubra”, this hybrid is very hardy and dry tolerant. ‘Jackie Loinaz’ enjoys direct morning sun, so a shaded greenhouse or conservatory makes an ideal home.

Due to its long tapering leaves and bulky central column, this hybrid can become quite heavy. I recommend using a thick aluminum wire (green or purple) to hang the plant so as not to distract from its overall size and shape.

How To Water Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’

This hybrid is drought-tolerant and shares the same watering schedule as the parent plants. Soaking once a week is recommended for around 20-30 minutes. Rainwater is best but you can also use soft tap water if you don’t have a water butt.

It’s time to soak your air plant when you notice the long tapering leaves becoming tubular-like. Although this hybrid is very adaptable and can easily tolerate the morning sun that can result in the plant requiring more water.

Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’ only requires moderate levels of humidity so misting is not necessary. The weekly soak should be enough. Remember to dry the plant upside down after soaking to help prevent rot around the inner rosette.

Hybrid - Tillandsia Jackie Loinaz

How To Propagate Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’

If the parent plant is still blushing and deep red when the pups/offsets start to appear you may find the pups are an even darker red than the parent plant but this is not common.

The pups grow from the bottom of the plant and are easy to remove but be careful not to damage the leaves of the parent plant as they can be quite stiff and do not bend or give way easily. Use a pair of scissors if needed.

Pup care is relatively easy, I just give them a little extra water for the first two weeks after removing them from the parent plant.

Air plant care cheat sheet

Flowers And Expert Tips

It’s a real treat when Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’ is in bloom. A decent cluster of tall erect purple tubular flowers with long whitish cream stamens forms from the plant’s center.

The floral bracts contrast well with the purple flowers and have a green base with red to orange tips. Some growers claim the flowers are often closer to blue than purple but I have not seen this myself.

To encourage blooming you can slowly increase the amount of feed, warmth, and light. However, go easy on the fertilizer as you do not want to burn the leaves by giving too strong a dose.

Tillandsia ‘Jackie Loinaz’ Parent Plants

A cultivar of concolor x capitata ‘Rubra’ by Luis Ariza Julia of the Dominican Republic.

Under strong but indirect sunlight this hybrid will produce very deep red/Rubra leaves.

Both parent plants are stunning, however, Tillandsia Concolor is considered the most popular and aesthetically pleasing.

Author - Stephen Little
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