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Tillandsia Mystic Flame

Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’ (albertiana x ixioides)

An attractive hybrid with stunning peachy red flowers. Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’ is sometimes confused with Tillandsia Mystic Flame ‘Orange’ but the flower color often gives the game away.

Quick Guide

Bright indirect light (grows well indoors)
Soak once a week
Feed once every 2-4 weeks
Height 8″ (20.3 cm)
Width 6″ (15.2 cm)
Bright red flowers
Hybrid by Mark Dimmitt.

How To Care For Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’

A cultivar of albertiana x ixioides, Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’ is one of the largest Albertiana hybrids from the ever-popular ‘Mystic’ hybrid collection, and the flowers really are special.

Easy to grow indoors and outside this hybrid loves bright light to partial shade. Good air circulation, just like any other air plant, helps to keep the plant in tip-top condition, and feeding once every 3-4 weeks should be fine.

The upright nature of the plant lends itself well to mounting on a branch or other wooden object but it’s possible to hang it with green or red garden wire, or whatever color takes your fancy.

How To Water Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’

This delightful hybrid has typical watering needs for an air plant and only requires a weekly soak for about 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you could mist the plant 3-4 times a week and it would remain healthy.

Tap water is fine as long as it’s soft water. However, it’s best to use rain or pond water if you can. Too much hard water can clog up the plant’s trichomes and hamper the plant’s ability to absorb water.

Good air circulation helps to prevent rot from overwatering but this shouldn’t be a problem with ‘Mystic Flame’ if you follow the advice above.

Hybrid - Tillandsia Mystic Flame

How To Propagate Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’

Pups, glorious pups. I’m always fascinated when the pups/offsets begin to appear. Air plants are slow growers compared to their soil-based relatives and when it comes to propagation you have to have even more patience.

You can, of course, grow air plants from seed but the easiest way to multiply your plants is to remove the pups when they reach a decent size.

You can gently pull and remove the offsets by hand using a twisting motion as the pups come loose. Care for the pups in the same way you would the parent plant and they should thrive.

Air plant care cheat sheet

Flowers And Expert Tips

Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’ (with bright peachy red flowers) is sometimes confused with Tillandsia Mystic Flame ‘Orange’ (with bright orange flowers), which is another of Mark Dimmitt’s wonderful hybrids.

The short inflorescence is about 3-4″ tall and produces a small cluster of flowering bracts. Each flower produces three red petals that contrast with the plant’s silvery-green leaves.

I tend not to soak or mist my plants when they’re in bloom because this can damage the flowers. Instead, I dunk the lower half of the plant in a bowl of water once or twice a week to keep it healthy.

Tillandsia ‘Mystic Flame’ Parent Plants

‘Mystic Flame’ is a cultivar of albertiana x ixioides by Mark Dimmitt.

  • Pollen parent – Tillandsia Ixioides
  • Seed parent – Tillandsia Albertiana.

Other hybrids by Mark Dimmitt include ‘Mystic Trumpet Peach’, ‘Mystic Trumpet Pink’, and ‘Mystic Trumpet’.

Author - Stephen Little
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