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My Toolbox – Air Plant Accessories and Gifts

You’ll find a list of my favorite tools below and a small selection of air plant accessories and gifts. I use these tools daily to help keep my air plants healthy.

Kind regards, Stephen Little

Author - Stephen Little

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Tools, Accessories, and Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a great book, accessories, or a gift for a friend or relative, I hope you find some inspiration.

Best Books

Air Plant Magic

This book is the new kid on the block and deserves a mention. It’s aimed at beginners and has many beautiful pictures and practical advice.

Tillandsia II

This is the most comprehensive book about Tillandsias I have ever read. It’s packed with knowledge and written by air plant expert Paul Isley.

Air Plants

The full title of this book is ‘Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias’. The book includes mainly display and decorative ideas with some care advice.

Wire for Air Plants

Beginners Set – Floral Wire

Excellent beginner’s set. 5 sizes – 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and three color options.

5 Roll Aluminum Wire (160 ft)

Includes a handy wire cutter, 3 rolls of black wire, 1 green, and 1 brown. Each roll is 32 ft long, 160 ft in total.

Anodized Aluminum Wire

Good quality wire in black or brown with a subtle metallic finish. Choose your size from 1.0mm to 6.0mm.

Hand Tools

Orchid Pruner Secateurs

Yes, these secateurs are designed for Orchids, however, they’re also great for maintaining healthy air plants.

Plant Mister Spray Bottle

It’s worth spending a bit more on a good-quality spray atomizer. These 300ml bottles do a fantastic job.

Repotting Mat for Indoor Plants

No, I haven’t gone completely mad – this item makes a good pruning and spraying mat.

Gifts and Presents

Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

Detects subtle humidity and temperature changes and updates the readings every 10 seconds. A great gift for Tilly lovers.

Levitating Air Pot – Amaze Your Guests

An awesome gift and conversation piece. Amaze your guests with this magical (magnetic) floating pot. It rotates 360 degrees too.

Mini Sea Urchin Shells (5 Pack, hang or table)

These urchin shells can be hung from a ceiling or support your air plants on a table or shelf. The plants are not included.

Stands and Holders

Nuogo Air Plants Holders

Delightful rose gold or silver-colored stainless steel stands. These are ideal for small Tillandsias like the Ionanthas.

Mini Hand Shaped Stands

This 3 pieces ceramic hand-shaped set adds a touch of elegance to any desk or shelf. Several colors are available.

Steel Tillandsia Holders

A cute 6-piece set of silver-colored air plant holders. These look great displayed on a kitchen or bathroom window sill.

Wooden Air Plant Holders

I love these stylish wooden holders. Simple, modern, and easy to use, and they come in two different sizes.

Fun Mannequin Holders

Have fun with these flexible mannequin holders. This 4 piece set adds a touch of style to any home or office space.

Large Air Plant Holders

You can display small Ionanthas in these black wire holders but they’re more suited to displaying larger Tillandsia.

Hanging Holders and Planters

Hanging Wooden Holders

These rustic hangers look great pretty much anywhere. The burnt wood is very effective for displaying air plants.

Geometric Holders

In gold and black, these geometric hangers are a good size and not as fiddly as similar products.

Hanging Vase Terrariums

I love these simple yet elegant designs in 3 different shapes and sizes, Olive, Orb, and Teardrop.

Macrame Hangers

These handcrafted macrame hangers are truly beautiful and look good anywhere. A clever design, ideal for Tillandsia.

Macrame Hanging Planter

This three-tier macrame planter is ideal for larger air plants. The polished half-coconut shells are very cool and unique.

Ceramic Planter With Jute Rope

Add a splash of color to your home or yard with these funky ceramic planters. Several color schemes to choose from.

Frames and Wall Mounts

Rustic Air Plant Wall Holder

A traditional wood and wire frame that can be used as a stand or hanger for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Wall Mounted Wooden Holders

These circular mounts come in two sizes for small and larger plants. They look amazing – rustic and real wood.

Hanging Triangle Frames

Hang, mount, or stand these wooden rustic frames. Either way, they look great and can hold multiple plants.

Automatic Misters / Humidifiers

4-6L Smart Humidifier

This is a good budget option with plenty of features and a clear display. Timer, top fill, easy to clean, and auto shut-off.

10L Smart Humidifier

Lasts 100 hours, covers up to 600ft², is easy to fill, and has remote and voice control, auto mode, and a 360° nozzle.

Pro Misting System

MistKing systems are renowned for their ultra-quiet pumps, incredibly fine mist, and long-life performance – ideal for enthusiasts.

Artificial Lighting

LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants

15000 Lux, full spectrum grow lamp with C-clamp, auto timer, 2 modes, and 4 brightness levels.

Grow Lights With Adjustable Tripod

5-headed full spectrum light with 15-60″ adjustable tripod stand, remote control, and auto timer function.

150W LED Grow Lamp With Reflector

This TS1000 growing lamp has a 120° angle hood reflector, daisy chain ability, and dimming feature.

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