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About is a free resource dedicated to helping beginners and enthusiasts to grow and care for their favorite air plants.

Welcome and enjoy, but please be aware that the wonderful world of Air Plants (Tillandsia) can be seriously addictive 😉

Just look at these Tilly’s…

A wonderful collection of air plants

Air plant enthusiasts often abbreviate the Latin name, Tillandsia, to Tillys.

A message from our founder

Although I am a keen gardener and love getting my hands dirty, I have an even greater affinity and love for air plants that do not need soil and get their nutrients from the air that surrounds them.

Although I have 19+ years of experience growing and caring for air plants I consider myself a Tillandsia enthusiast rather than an expert. Some people have studied Tillandsia for 30-40 years, they’re the true experts. I studied horticulture and forestry when I left school and gained several qualifications, however, nothing beats hands-on experience so I decided to share my knowledge with you and build this website.

There are officially 650 species of Tillandsia worldwide, with the majority found in Central and Southern America. My team is working hard to list the most popular species and many of the common hybrids that are available to buy online.

You will also find a wealth of information on how to care for air plants and help them flourish both indoors and outdoors.

I am also a keen naturalist and spend a lot of time walking in the great outdoors, watching birds and other wildlife. I love discovering plants that I haven’t seen before and sharing my knowledge of the natural world with like-minded people.

I would like to say “thank you” to my small team for helping to build this website and to the many kind contributors from around the globe.

I hope you enjoy this website and get as much pleasure from air plants as I do.

Kind regards,
Stephen Little

Author - Stephen Little


A big thank you to the following people/friends who have contributed to this website. If you would like to contribute and help build the largest resource on the Internet for air plant enthusiasts I will be delighted to hear from you. And, yes I am always looking for the perfect ‘textbook’ photographs of flowering Tillandsias to add to this website.

Kelvin Tan – my good friend, who provided many of the original photographs for this website.

Jon Weeks – lifelong buddy and editor supreme.

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If you would like to reach out to me or my team feel free to contact us.

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