Air plant care cheat sheet

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Love Your Air Plants

This website is dedicated to helping beginners and enthusiasts to grow and care for their air plants. Most Tillandsias are relatively easy to grow compared to their soil-based relatives and with a little extra care and attention your air plants will flourish.

An awesome collection of air plants

Air Plant Care

Air plants have become popular house plants in recent years, mainly due to their unique appearance but also because they don’t need soil to grow and only have a few basic requirements. You can grow air plants in your garden as well if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate. Learn about air plant care with our experts …

Types Of Air Plants

There are over 650 species of air plants worldwide and a growing number of hybrids. Divided into 7 sub-genera, these perennial herbaceous plants often have beautiful, bright, vibrant flowers, and incredible foliage which can change to purple or red in some species. Learn about the different types of air plants and new hybrids …

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