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Tillandsia Albida

Tillandsia Albida

A desert-dwelling species, Tillandsia Albida is white in appearance due to a large number of scales/trichomes on its leaves. Albida grows on rocks and cacti and is native to Mexico.

Quick Guide

Bright indirect light
Soak once a week or Mist regularly
Feed once every 2-4 weeks
Height 20″ (50.8 cm)
Width 20″ (50.8 cm)
Vibrant white cream flowers
Native to Mexico.

How To Care For Tillandsia Albida

Tillandsia Albida grows in xeric (hot dry) conditions and can tolerate infrequent watering. However, to keep your plant healthy I recommend you stick to a regular watering routine as mentioned below.

This species of air plant adapts well to bright sunny conservatories and greenhouses and benefits from regular airflow. For indoor care, I recommend feeding once every 4 weeks.

I like to mount Albida on a dark piece of driftwood or branch to show off the plant’s sliver/white leaves. The contrasting colors can look amazing. You can also hang the plant from a black or brown wire coil.

How To Water Tillandsia Albida

Tillandsia Albida mainly grows in hot dry arid climates so this species is used to infrequent rain or water. However, I recommend soaking once weekly with rain or soft tap water for around 20-30 minutes.

The plant’s leaves absorb water very easily as their covered in thousands of tiny trichomes. I also like to mist this species to show off the plant’s natural colors.

Handle your plant with care when watering as the leaves are quite rigid and easily damaged. I like to hang this species in a wire coil so there is no need to touch the plant when watering.

Species - Tillandsia Albida

How To Propagate Tillandsia Albida

This caulescent (stem) growing species can grow quite large with long silver-green tube-like leaves. The pups/offsets grow along the main stem and can be difficult to remove.

You can gently remove the pups from the parent plant by hand or using a sterile knife. Typically it is best to wait until the pup is a third of the size of the parent plant.

Tillandsia Albida grows very slowly so waiting for pups to appear takes a lot of patients. This species can grow into sizeable clumps so leaving the pups attached might be an attractive option.

Air plant care cheat sheet

Flowers And Expert Tips

Flowering usually occurs between June and August. The plant produces a tall slender bright red spike (inflorescence/flower stalk) and bracts, with white cream flowers.

The white flowers appear from yellow buds that contrast with the bright red bracts and look stunning. The inflorescence can grow taller than the plant so make sure the plant has plenty of growing space.

Many growers like to hang this species upside down or horizontally to show off the plant’s unique characteristics.

Tillandsia Albida Hybrids

Albida is native to Mexico and has a limited range and is mainly found in Querétaro, Guanajuato, and Hidalgo. I only know of one hybrid that currently exists.

  • Tillandsia Albida x Schiedeana.

This hybrid was initially cultivated by air plant expert Pamela Koide-Hyatt.

Author - Stephen Little
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