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Tillandsia Jumping For Joy

Tillandsia ‘Jumping For Joy’ (ionantha x exserta)

If you had to choose one word to describe this hybrid, “gorgeous”. Tillandsia ‘Jumping For Joy’ is a large hybrid that resembles the small Ionantha but has the grandeur and long graceful leaves of Tillandsia Exserta.

Quick Guide

Bright indirect light (grows well indoors)
Soak once a week or Mist regularly
Feed once every 2-4 weeks
Height 12″ (30.4 cm)
Width 15″ (38.1 cm)
Stunning purple flowers
Hybrid by Paul Isley.

How To Care For Tillandsia ‘Jumping For Joy’

‘Jumping For Joy’ is a magnificent plant that looks like a giant Tillandsia Ionantha. The silvery-green leaves form a twirling rosette that can reach up to 25 cm long and the leaves curl downwards and cascade like a fountain.

A cultivar of Tillandsia Ionantha and Exserta this hybrid prefers a bright sheltered location if kept outdoors. The plant grows well indoors if given sufficient light and good air circulation, and is relatively easy to care for.

I like to mount my plant on a large rock with a dab of glue. This looks very striking and adds to the plant’s prehistoric look.

How To Water Tillandsia ‘Jumping For Joy’

The best way to water ‘Jumping For Joy’ is to soak your plant in a large bowl once a week for roughly 20-30 minutes, which is typical for most air plants. You can use rain, soft tap, or even pond water to keep your plants hydrated.

This hybrid is covered in thousands of tiny trichomes and absorbs water easily so don’t worry if you forget the weekly soak as the plant can survive with just regular misting if you prefer.

Rotting is not usually a problem as long as the plant is turned upside down after soaking to help remove any excess water from between the leaves. Good air circulation helps to prevent rot.

Hybrid - Tillandsia Jumping For Joy

How To Propagate Tillandsia ‘Jumping For Joy’

Keep your fingers crossed and wait a hundred years and eventually you might be lucky enough to see some pups. Of course, I’m joking, and just like with most hybrids you should notice some tiny pups/offsets poking out from the rosette in time.

The general rule of thumb is to wait until the pup is a third of the size of the parent plant and then gently remove it by hand or with a sharp knife.

The pups make ideal gifts for friends and relatives because as the plant matures it makes the ideal centerpiece for any table or occasion.

Air plant care cheat sheet

Flowers And Expert Tips

Before ‘Jumping For Joy’ flowers the upper leaves begin to blush a salmon-pink color followed by a magnificent inflorescence/flower stalk.

The flower stalk is quite long and sends out multiple pink or red flower bracts from which tubular purple flowers grow. The entire blooming process from start to finish can last as long as 5-6 months so you’re in for a real treat.

To encourage your plant to bloom I recommend you slowly increase the feeding frequency, but not the dose. Air plants do not like strong doses of fertilzer so be careful.

Tillandsia ‘Jumping For Joy’ Parent Plants

‘Jumping For Joy’ is a cultivar of ionantha x exserta by Paul Isley.

  • Pollen parent – Tillandsia Exserta
  • Seed parent – Tillandsia Ionantha.
Author - Stephen Little
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